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  1. Multimedia Compression Techniques for Streaming

Fedora 22 Workstation

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  1. Programmer debunks source code shown in TV and movies

    Source code pops up on screens and in the background of television and movie scenes all the time, but one programmer finally paused a movie to figure out whether the code was accurate.

  2. Be A Better Programmer

    Great code and great coders are made out of practice. Many would agree that programming has become much easier nowadays than what it used to be. But becoming a true coder is about knowing a lot more than how to use a bunch of frameworks and code generators. You have to do things yourself. Read more ...

  3. Reducing Cost By Adopting Open Source Software In Your Business

    Going the open source way has a lot of benefits. Go to the market and compare the price of Linux laptops with others and you will see what kind of money you see. Even in the software segment, open source software offer benefits ranging from better security to cost effectiveness.

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  1. Default Boot Video Mode in Fedora 12
  2. Fedora 12 Initialization Process
  3. Connecting the HUAWEI E1550 broadband modem using WvDial and PPPD
  4. Whatsapp

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  1. Lenovo A3000-H
    2. These are the instructions to root Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H (running on Android 4.1, 4.2) smartphone using Framaroot Application on Phone itself (this procedure does not need computer).
  2. Fedora 12 RPM Repository
    2. Package may not be fully listed. So, to download packages that do not appear in the list, you should append package name at the end of the address. Package name can be obtained by searching the package name.
    4. Try to search every subdirectories under directory fedora.
  3. Nearest Fedora Mirror Sites

  4. MS-DOS Early Source Code

    MS-DOS Early Source Code

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  1. Awie and Arjuna


Contains lecture notes, example questions, carry marks and reading notes.


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Music Score

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Android ROM Flashing

Android ROM Flashing

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