Android ROM Flashing For Lenovo A3000-H

ROM Flashing HOWTO

  1. Make a complete backup of your data and system.
  2. SP Flash Tool is an android-based flashing software. It can be used to flash, manually update, format, backup and unbrick most of android devices.
  3. Install USB VCOM driver.
  4. Download and extract ROM from Gst Forum or Needrom for your smartphone.
  5. Run flash_tool.exe. Select scatter-loading file.
  6. Switch off your smartphone, remove the battery and reinsert it. Connect it to the PC.
  7. Click Download

Smart Flash Tool Error Messages


    Meaning: SP Flash Tool was unable to flash files to the phone.


    1. Ensure to run the latest version of SP Flash tool as Administrator
    2. Get a complete ROM and select the Format all + Download option
    3. Ensure the phone is switched off (with a well charged battery in it, > 70%) before connecting to PC for flashing.
    4. Try a different PC
    5. Try a different ROM
    6. Try a different USB cord
    7. Try formatting the phone first before flashing files to it


    Meaning: SP Flash tool encounter an error while attempting to communicate with the phone via the target port.


    1. Try using a different port on the PC
    2. Install VCOM drivers using SP Flash Tool VCOM Drivers
    3. Ensure the phone is switched off with battery inside before connecting to the PC for flashing
    4. Try using a different PC
    5. Try changing the USB cord
    6. Ensure the phone's USB port is not damaged