Default Boot Video Mode in Fedora 12

dmesg | grep -c -N 5 "fb0"
[drm] LVDS-8: set mode 1280x800 1d
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 160x50
fb0: inteldrmfb frame buffer device


The message above was adapted from kernel ring buffer, showing video was set to 1280x800 during default boot in Fedora 12. To reset to default 80x25 text mode, you can pass vga kernel parameter during boot process.

... vga=ask ...

vga kernel parameter is passed to select a particular video mode. For more information, please consult kernel documentation (Documentation/x86/boot.txt and Documentation/svga.txt). You can use vga=ask to produce a menu to select desired video mode.

To prevent from setting other high-resolution video mode after booting process, pass nomodeset as kernel parameter. But this may be going away in the future.

There is a conflict between kernel mode setting and the vga= parameter. If you intend to use vga=, it is highly recommended to explicitly disable KMS through the nomodeset parameter. Kernel mode setting is the default with kernel 2.6.31, so if you don't want it or if it doesn't work for you, disable it by using nomodeset.


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